The Beginning

A while ago, in the midst of a pleasant senior moment, Grandpa agreed to babysit some of his grandchildren so both parents could go full time. The next day when they arrived and he started sitting, he quickly realized all the things about watching children that he had forgotten after his own had grown and moved out. Aside from the bottles and diapers, he quickly remembered you can’t take your eyes off little ones for even a second. Confined to the house, Grandpa was looking for something to do to fill the time while the grandkids were taking naps, or otherwise unneedful of his attention. He remembered he loved cooking, and, the stove was positioned in such a way that he could keep one eye on the pot and one eye on the young’uns.

Where to start? Nosing around through the fridge, he found 4 – 5 different bottles of BBQ sauce. Since Grandpa wasn’t satisfied with the flavor of any one sauce, he always mixed the bottles together in the hope of getting a flavor he liked. He also noticed the cost of each bottle and what he was paying for a flavor that still wasn’t what he wanted. And so the Great Sauce search was begun. After a few years , a lot of misfires and much tweaking, ( tweaking mind you, not twerking. Grandpa couldn’t twerk when he was a young pup. Thankfully for us all), he created his first 2 sauces.

But what to name them? Well, as it turns out, Grandpa’s youngest grandson could say Grandma, Mommy, Daddy, and everything else a three year old can say, including Grandpa. However, he refused to call Grandpa, Grandpa. He called him Pa. Just Pa. “Pa I want chocolate milk.” “Pa, I want a cookie.” So Pa dropped the Grand and became Pa. And, since he is in the kitchen cooking up more than just BBQ sauce now, he named it “Pa’s Sauce and Such” to accommodate Pa’s future tasty projects, along with the two he gave his stamp of approval on, Sweet Heat and Tangy Heat . One thing is sure, Pa won’t be letting anything out of the kitchen til he’s sure it’s as good as it can get.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know Pa. Happy cooking.